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If you goto therapy, you want to know you are getting the best treatment that is really going to work for you

"Traditional therapists blindly throw therapeutic techniques at a problem. The skill is knowing when a select combination of powerful techniques will resolve a specific problem or issue. We believe we have that knowledge, which is proven in how happy our clients are. The changes I see people make can often be quite remarkable sometimes"


Tracey Brittain

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Anxiety and depression

It's natural to be anxious about things occasionally. It's when that anxiety turns over and over in your mind for long periods of time that it becomes a problem. This can lead to panic attacks, fear of engaging in things or starting new things, lack of sleep and eventually it can lead to depression. A feeling of total hopelessness can engulf over you. It can some times feel that it is impossible to come out of it. Depression is at its worst when you tell yourself that no one cares. 

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OCD and complex conditions

Cognitive processes issues can present themselves in the way of phobias, tics, or excessive anxiety. Obsessive thoughts or developing rituals all have neurological processes that are fuelling them. Irrational fears can really be a burden on your life. 


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Life events & relationships

Have you had a major life event happened in your life turning everything upside down? A bereavement? Loss of a relationship? Redundancy? Are you living alongside someone with addiction? Life just getting too much and you feel trapped? Is your relationship going around around stuck in the same old destructive patterns? Or has something happened in the relationship to break trust?

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Addiction & unwanted behaviours

Compulsive lying, compulsive pornography use, substance abuse, even affairs have cycles which are so difficult to stop. When you cannot stop them its heart breaking and destroys the very soul inside you. 

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What is EMDR 

EMDR can xxxx

Support of 12 steps

Tracey and her team are fully supportive of clients already in 12 step fellowships. All the therapy combines with and works well with these programs. 

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