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Tutoring science & maths with confidence coaching

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David Lockyer
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NASA solvers

what does your child need from tutoring

  • Move up to a higher set at school?

  • Overcome finding science or maths just hard?

  • Be pushed even more?

  • Increase motivation of the subjects?

  • Need a boost becuase of the effects of the pandemic?

  • Have more confidence to analyse and solve 'word' problems?

  • Attain a more robust feeling of trust in themselves during exam time.

  • The school does not seem to be progressing them well enough.



Can change that


The best tutoring isn't just teaching facts and figures to pass an exam. Tutoring in any subject also acts as mentors and coaches for their students. I take an individualised, holistic approach to coaching students through their journey into science at their own pace. This deepens their understanding of science and its role in everything we do, and in turn improves self belief, confidence, knowledge and  ultimately both exam and career outcomes.


Sometimes, we need to learn how to learn


Each child has different learning needs and requires different methods to engage and inspire them to be successful at whatever they choose to do in life. Unfortunately the covid-19 pandemic and the closure of schools during a difficult period has meant that many children are learning more advanced concepts without being comfortable with the foundations. Those foundations for what science is, why it's so amazing, and how to  'do' science in everday life have been lost or forgotten to a whole generation. I'm on a mission to change that.


I make science interesting, at times fun, and relevant because at heart I am a scientist.  I’m a contributing member of NASA Solvers, and an associate member of The Institute of Physics. I’ve previously controlled the ATLAS telescope in Tenerife to study ancient star clusters that sit just outside of our galaxy. I have consulted for the Police helping them to design and deliver investigative courses to new and existing police officers.


My best acalade is that I have not had a student whom has failed

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I am David Lockyer.

I have a deep love of science and that drives my enthusiasm and passion.

Our Clients

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