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Counselling in Surrey for adults, adolescents and children

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Therapist Surrey

  • A highly experienced therapist and psychotherapist with over two decades of experience, well-versed in a wide range of issues. MA, BA (Hons), EMDR accredited, Fda, BACP accredited.

  • Expert in working  and resolving difficulties like:

    • Relationship difficulties

    • Partnerships impacted by behaviour or addiction

    • Trauma, phobias and abuse

    • Bereavement

    • Anxiety and anger issues

    • Feeling stuck or depression

  • Guaranteed breakthroughs & progress.

  • Expert in CBT, EMDR and Experiential Therapy techniques.

  • Practice located in Weybridge, Surrey or Online sessions if required.

  • Specialist in children and adolescents of all ages.

  • Seasoned addictions and co-occurring disorders therapist.

  • Tracey works with UK governmental agencies as a first-line responder for Trauma counselling to national crises such as terrorist attacks.

  • Tracey is one of the 22 therapists in the whole of the UK who is a child EMDR specialist

  • Skype / Facetime appointments also available.

  • CAMHS, NHS and adoption agency referrals.


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