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IB5 Ltd is a group of companies specialising in the technology, mental health and  business coaching industries. It has more than 200 full time employees globally with main centres in London, Brisbon, Dallas and Berlin. The headoffice is located in Surrey which has over 150 operational staff. Origionally from Global banks like HSBC, Deutsche and Credit Suisse, the founder and entrapreneur Mat Brittain has expanded the company with over a global revenue of £30 million turnover.

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IB5 Ltd group of companies
Technology - Mental Health - Coaching
The IB5 Team
Ray Voice Director of Technology
Email: Rayvoice@gmail.com
Mobile: 07833 520 165
Tracey Brittain Director of Therapy
Email: Traceybrittain@gmail.com
Mobile: 07887 520176
Sara Catford Director of Marketing
Email: Admin@gtraceybrittain.org
Mobile: 07887 520301
Chris Brittain Director of Music production
Email: Chrisbrittain@IB5Music.com
Mobile: 07920 523203
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