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Teenager and adolescence challenges today needs a different therapy.

"Traditional therapy is not enough for children today. In our practise we often use a combinations of techniques at the same time like EMDR, CBT, experiential, play therapy in our psychotherapy craft. The skill is knowing how and when they are best used, and for the right issues being presented. All too often traditional therapists blindly use techniques not really knowing if it will work or not"


Tracey Brittain


Children need the tools to be able to face todays challenges so they can face into their problems. Giving up, isolation, withdrawn or moods to disguise the real problem are common. Ability to see things through can be difficult, leading to distractions from technology or activities. OCD type processes become painful. Stress and anxiety begin to significantly impact their lives

OCD and complex conditions

Cognitive processes issues can present themselves in the way of phobias, tics, or excessive anxiety. Obsessive thoughts or developing rituals all have neurological processes that are fuelling them 



Children can loose faith in their ability to start things. Bad behaviour or stubbornness can develop (e.g. not going to school). A heavy dependance upon the parent or a specific carer develops. Outbursts or emotional episodes can progress. Friendships situations become difficult. Panic attacks can increase in regularity

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Teddy Love
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Short term pleasure principal

Technology can cause systemic neurological issues through the provision of pleasure now. The ability to wait or "not be bothered" grows. Addictions set in like self harming, substance abuse, pornography use, eating disorders or obsessive thinking leading to depression

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Twenty two therapists in the UK are qualified and trained to use the revolutionary EMDR (Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing) on children. Tracey is one of those therapists whom is an expert on trauma or removing damaging or negative cognitive thoughts. EMDR therapy can remove stuttering, repetative medical complaints that have been confusing for the NHS like stomach aches, headaches or pains or problems with gulping and swallowing.

CAMHS & NHS referrals

Tracey and her team regular have referrals for difficult cases from governmental agencies. Adoption agencies, school or charity referrals (some requiring communication with other agencies as required)  are fairly common. All the therapist teams have enhanced DBS Checks and are known by most of the local agencies. 

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