About Tracey Brittain

A leading specialist in psychotherapy for adults, teens and adolescence

Over the last decade, Tracey has developed a unique set of therapeutic approaches; that when combined together, can have a powerful and permanent impact.


She passionately believes that therapy should have both a start and an end date; and that during the therapy period, positive changes should be evident. Tracey uses the revolutionary EMDR method and also teaches and supervises therapists across the UK.

Do you want help for you?

Do you suffer from anxiety? Feel depressed or have unwanted addictive behaviours which cause you issues? Have you suffered from loss or trauma? Relationship issues getting you down? Something just troubling you or are things simply feeling stuck?

Do you want help for your child?

Does your teen or adolescence suffer from depression or anxiety. Have they been through something? Has something changed? Are they becoming addicted to something. Developing a phobia? CAHMs or NHS not sure how to help?

Client from Walton upon Thames

"I was just so depressed. I saw Tracey for  four sessions and she helped me remove my anxiety I was having over finances and my relationship"

Client from Esher

"My little girl refused to goto school. She would not even get out of the car to have therapyTracey came out to the car and got her into therapy. She was going back to school within weeks. Now she has joined a riding school"

Client from Weybridge

"I had become addicted to alcohol and it was really weighing heavily on my emotional state. Tracey got to the root cause of my addictive processes and practically reprogrammed me!"

Accredited Sandplay Therapist

Accredited EMDR Therapist

Approved addictions counsellor