Over the last decade I have created an approach which is extremely effective at dealing with stress and certain conditions in children. The approach utilises a combination of therapeutic techniques which allow children to completely overcome:-

- Exam stress

- Fobias

- Loss and bereavement

- Trauma

- Certain types of schizophrenia


- Self harming

- Extreme behavioural problems

- School refusals (refusing to attend school)

- Problems with peers and relationships

- Withdrawn, extremely shy or isolated

- Substance abuse or addictive processes

The approach has healed many children completely, and I wish to share and train other therapists in this method. In order to do this I require research to prove why this approach works. I have been accepted by the University of London to perform this research, and to complete a doctorate around it.

If you would like more information please contact me on 07887 520 176

Accredited Sandplay Therapist

Accredited EMDR Therapist

Approved addictions counsellor