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Adults and Couples

Couple Counselling

Relationship Challenges.


I’m offering  therapy sessions for clients who may be finding it difficult to cope. This includes working with individuals or couples who have:-

  • A constant tense atmosphere which never seems to get resolved

  • Impact a partner has had on the relationship either through affairs, addictive behaviours or focus on other things

  • A feeling of treading on eggshells around your partner

  • Feeling overwhelmed at just being a parent and also being a couple

  • Constant feelings of anxiety, which wake you up at night time.

  • Explosive temperaments in family members, with people struggling to calm down after an argument

  • An increase in self-soothing habits such as drinking or smoking to try and cope. An inability to reach mutual understanding on how to parent children through this crisis

  • Decided to split up and need an amicable way to separate

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Adult Counselling

When things are too much and wont stop.


When a problem stops you being whom you want to be, then therapy is a great choice. I see adult clients who have:-

  • Addictive behaviours in you, your partner or your children

  • Depression and anxiety (GAD)

  • Phobias or ticks

  • Grief and bereavement

  • Coping with separation or divorce

  • Trauma - loss of a loved one, accidents, witness of a significant event

  • Bullying at work or by a family member

  • Feeling lost or having no hope over things

  • Inadequate sense or being vulnerable

  • Excessive anger or quietness when reacting to people

  • Not knowing whether to stay in a relationship or not

  • An overwhelming feeling of just not being satisfied or unmotivated

  • Feeling like a fraud, its always your fault or that your not enough

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