Couple counselling

Relationship challenges.


I’m offering online therapy sessions for families who may be finding it difficult to cope at this challenging time. This includes working with individuals, couples and children of all ages.


Through this global crisis, many of us have been flung together for an uncertain amount of time.

Lots of families function best when there is some breathing space away from each other during the week at work or school.

Aside from the obvious health concerns about this virus, it can be hard to get into any kind of new groove particularly if people are used to working away from each other during the day.


Overwhelming issues may emerge as:


- A constant tense atmosphere which never seems to get resolved.


- A feeling of treading on eggshells around your partner.


- feeling overwhelmed at homeschooling and trying to get children to concentrate.


- Constant feelings of anxiety, which wake you up at night time.


- Explosive temperaments in family members, with people struggling to calm down after an argument.


- An increase in self-soothing habits such as drinking or smoking to try and cope.


- An inability to reach mutual understanding on how to parent children through this crisis.


Online therapy sessions can provide a physically safe way to improve communication between family members, making for a more enjoyable and bearable atmosphere during these uncertain times. 


- Setting appropriate boundaries with children.

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