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I will keep minimal records about our sessions and the associated notes, which will be securely stored for a limited period and are subject to GDPR. These records are solely for my use and no one else will have access to them. I will also save your email address and any mobile numbers and associated texts which we may use to communicate. All identifying data on you will be held securely and separately from your notes. We will store all your information on Cliniko & Xero, which is regarded as the safest and most secure therapy appointment system.

I will ask you to consent to the following:

- Your personal information (name, address, email address and mobile number) being held by the counsellor, but in a different location to the notes of the sessions.

- Session notes will not contain any personal identifying information, but a code that only the therapist will know.

- In the event of my incapacity or other unforeseen events, I agree to being contacted in the first instance by another therapist, Julia Haygreen. This will only happen if you are in active counselling.

- My therapist will not share any details with any person or agency outside without my written consent or if required to do so by law.

- I understand that my therapist regularly attends her own supervision as required by the BACP organisations of which she is a member. In supervision, she may discuss my case, but I understand that no identifying personal information will be disclosed.

- My personal case notes will be managed in line with good practice and ethical standards for counselling, which includes holding such data for 7 years.

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