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What is Brainspotting therapy and how effective is it?

Updated: Sep 21, 2023

In recent years, the efficacy of traditional forms of psychotherapy and counseling have been challenged by a new technique, known as Brain Spotting (BSP). Developed by clinical psychologist and psychotherapist, Dr. David Grand, Brain Spotting is an evidence-based therapeutic approach that uses eye-positioning and interactive techniques to help lessen emotional stress and enhance understanding of clients’ psychological issues.

What is brainspotting

Brain Spotting is a variation of EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing) and incorporates the power of the brain-body connection. When facing emotional trauma, individuals tend to go into a state of “freeze” or functional immobilization. This can often cause the trauma to become “stuck” in the system, leading to difficulty processing emotions and resolving issues. BSP is designed to unstick these physiological connections and help to release trapped energy and pain.

What does brainspotting look like

During Brain Spotting sessions, therapists and clients work together to identify “spots” in the brain by identifying breathing patterns and related body movements. These “spots” can then be used to help the client focus their attention on specific sources of emotional pain and trauma. By using the brain-body connection, clients can gain insight into what’s driving their issues and increase their sense of empowerment.

How brainspotting can help you

BSP is a powerful tool for healing and restoration. Studies have shown that it can lead to improved resumes in many areas of mental health, including depression, anxiety, trauma, and grief. Research has also found that BSP can improve symptoms of physical health, such as headaches and chronic pain, as well as having psychological benefits that include increased insight and clarity.

Does brainspotting work on children: Will a kids therapist near me know how to do it?

Brainspotting is extremely effective on children. Children sometimes do not have the words to be able to articulate the problems they are feeling. They can only give you symptoms in Anxiety, bad behavior or isolation and depression. Brainspotting combined with other children therapies is a powerful method but it must be performed by a highly trained therapist.


Brainspotting is quickly becoming the go-to therapy for many mental health professionals. It is gaining traction due to its effectiveness at helping clients resolve underlying trauma and creating lasting changes. So far, research indicates that the new technique has helped numerous people achieve substantial healing and growth. As such, Brain Spotting is an effective new development in the field of psychotherapy.

At Tracey Brittain Therapy we use a combination of brainspotting, EMDR and havening to deal with trauma or stuck processes and behaviors. Find out more at

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